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The first AI-based spelling and grammar tool that can proofread your visual content.

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Whether it’s a client presentation, a marketing visual or a photo that includes text. Just upload a file and see the results yourself.

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Features that impress.

The Power of AI

Leverage cutting edge computer vision algorithms to analyze your content.

Any Image

As long as it is visual. We accept any file format PNG, JPEG, ICO, GIF, WEBP, RAW to TIFF and PDF files.

Any Language

English, French, German, Polish, Russian, and over than 20 others languages are supported.

Analyzed in Seconds

It doesn’t matter if it’s a single visual, or 10,000 images. Spell and grammar check your visuals in seconds.

Benefits that you'll love.

Human + AI is leveraged across various teams, ranging from account, creative, editing teams, to agency founders and freelancers.

Outsource The Boring

You focus on the important, we focus on the mundane task of checking thousands of visuals.

Save Time, Save Cash

Proofread content in minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Process Fluid

Integrate at the first or last stage of the quality control process.


“Our design team loves it and uses it on a daily basis, in particular before presenting any designs internally and externally."
Marc Graham

Designer Director

“Our team proofreads over 100 creatives a day. Since using this service our productivity went through the roof."
Madison Davey

Account Executive

"Finally, a tool that helps us to alleviate the repetitious and time consuming task of triple-checking every marketing material that leaves the house."
Julia Mannis

Agency Founder


Typos happen everywhere.

In important client presentation, internal documents or any public facing marketing materials, typos happen everywhere. Spell & grammar mistakes love to hide in places where regular proofreading software stops. That's where we come in! Check out the examples and see for yourself.

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Regardless of format or quantity, easily spell and grammar check thousands of ads in seconds.


Finished a cool looking presentation? Awesome! Sse our tool to make sure there are no hidden typos in your presentation visuals.

Design Files

Most design tools don't have a proofreading function. This is exactly where small typos can happen. Not with us.

Marketing Material

Be it a small flyer, or a gigantic billboard, we triple-check every visual.

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